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Crafting a Google AdWords campaign requires you to be as concise as a tweet and as convincing as a street-corner spruiker. You have to get across what you’re trying to sell in as narrow a window as possible, or your potential customer will click on a competitor, thus losing an opportunity. Fortunately, the beauty of Google AdWords is that your potential customer is already in the process of looking for the product or service they want to buy.

Taking these factors into account is something I’ve had to learn ‘on the job’ as I wasn’t au fait with Google AdWords until recently; much like my uptake of Twitter in 2009, there is a steep learning curve involved. However, I’ve been lucky that I’ve been taught the ins-and-outs by certain of the team at Image Direct who know Google Adwords extremely well, and are indeed certified by Google proper. In fact, I will be sitting an exam to that end myself in the near future, such has been my initial success using AdWords on behalf of a client whose own customer base increased as a result of a campaign I helped craft and monitor. For the next few weeks, I will be sitting dummy exams through iPassExam, learning the distinction between Google’s Search Network & Display Network (amongst many other kernels of Google knowledge). Fingers crossed I’ll pass with flying colours when the time comes, so wish me luck!

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