Learning about Google AdWords

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Crafting a Google AdWords campaign requires you to be as concise as a tweet and as convincing as a street-corner spruiker. You have to get across what you’re trying to sell in as narrow a window as possible, or your potential customer will click on a competitor, thus losing an opportunity. Fortunately, the beauty of… Read more »

Bootstrap from Twitter – Responsive, Mobile Compatible Framework

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Why spend lots of money to display your website on Mobile, Tablets and even to larger desktops. Instead spend less and get more with the Bootstrap framework from Twitter. Many of us are not familiar with Bootstrap. Let me take you to a quick intro tour to Bootstrap. Twitter engineers almost used lots of libraries… Read more »

Mobile Safari Media file upload feature in iOS 6

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Apple is going to release their latest operating system iOS 6 this Autumn, and as anticipated they will be providing a native media file upload facility for mobile Safari. This is a major feature which was lacking in previous iOS versions. This will make Apples range of mobile devices all the more compatible with a… Read more »