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Google Partners ConnectBefore the Google Partners Connect livestream could go ahead as planned on the 12th, there were a number of boxes we at Image Direct had to tick.

  • Who could we invite to the event?
  • Would we get the equipment needed from Google in time?
  • From the hardware on site to the YouTube livestream; would everything work on the day?

Fortunately, on the day, everything flowed as smoothly as possible. Even though we received the Chromecast in plenty of time, we felt it best to use our projector for all in attendance to see the livestream as broadcast on the Google Partners Youtube channel, in a larger size. We even had a phone enquiry about the livestream the day before, which was great – this demonstrated that there was a local buzz about the event, and we ended up with a 100% RSVP rate of attendance!

In spite of a few last minute nerves, the livestream proved that there is a need for knowledge as to how Google can promote local businesses. Given that we make high use of Google My Business, the livestream served as a terrific refresher course in this regard, along with the multiple benefits of AdWords. Indeed, one of the attendees had a brand-new GMB listing provisioned by us, and he was ecstatic that his business could now be found at the top of Google search.

Google Partners ConnectAll in attendance were rapt during the presentation, and had numerous questions once it was done, which shows that all present were engaged and looking to uptake us (and by extension Google) on the services mentioned in the livestream. It was also a great opportunity to network and talk shop, all while sampling both the hamper provided by Google and the stationery likewise supplied (which saw plentiful notes jotted down by our attendees!).

The consensus was that the event was a success, and we at Image Direct have to complement Google on their presentation, both in terms of the livestream itself (very polished and informative) and the promotional collateral supplied. We quite like the Google Partners stand – very much a ideal finishing touch in terms of branding!

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