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As I got ready to catch the early train to Melbourne to attend the Google Partners Masterclass at the Melbourne Docklands a fortnight ago, the observation of one Bart Simpson echoed through my foggy brain: “there’s a 4:30 in the morning now?

Yes folks, it was a very early start for me, but well worth the sacrifice, as the Masterclass was hugely informative and imparted a lot of wisdom. Throughout the day, David Booth of Cardinal Path acted as a mix of ringleader and lecturer, leading us through the many opportunities available to Google Partners agencies regarding AdWords. At various points during the day, Image Direct Manager Jim Radford and myself discussed how we could best implement the new developments offered for our clients moving forward. One particular addition that got us excited was Website Call Conversion, which tracks calls made to clients after visiting a website via an AdWords placing; suffice to say, we’re in the process of rolling this out for our eligible client accounts.

We were also heartened to hear from David something that reinforced our viewpoint regarding mobile responsiveness – namely that it doesn’t matter how great the product or service you’re selling is, if your potential customer has a bad mobile experience, that’s all made null and void, as they won’t come back. Multiple examples were provided, all of which were shockingly counter-intuitive (i.e. not being able to return to the home page, irrelevant search results, geolocation prompts). This validated a lot of our thinking with regards to ensuring our website builds work as well on a mobile device as on a desktop computer; given that many people shop on their phone or tablet – a trend that shows no signs of decreasing – this means ensuring our clients are where their customers can find them is the way forward.

Aside from the talks, the Google Partners Masterclass gave Jim & myself a chance to network with many like-minded people. We were lucky enough to meet our contact from Google Sydney, Dragana, whom had previously been a voice on the phone up until recently; having a face to put to the name helped immensely to solidify that connection between Google proper and agencies like ours. Many ideas were exchanged, and much free food devoured! (Google certainly know how to lay on a spread!)

As a result of the Google Partners Masterclass, Image Direct is now better equipped to place its clients in front of their intended target audiences. We intend to incorporate a number of new developments into our client campaigns, and as ‘digital thought leaders’ we look forward to likewise solidifying our relationships with our clients through implementation of Google’s best practice criteria.

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