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Google+When Google+ was first rolled out, admittedly, I had my concerns – namely security and privacy issues. However, its revamp last year has gone a long way towards converting skeptics such as myself, and I now use Google+ as part of my day-to-day workflow. It has a number of features which the team here at Image Direct have found useful and feel would be of benefit to our client/customer base.

Circles: these enable you to control who sees posts that you share.
Hashtags: much like Twitter (and more recently, Facebook), clicking on these in publicly-accessible posts will enable you to see more on the related topic.
Verification: business pages will be verified by Google (including the associated Maps/Places listing), and help with SEO rankings.

The last point is of especial benefit to local businesses who need to be found by potential customers. Tied with a Google Adwords campaign, it could provide the extra advantage over your competitors in the online realm. Granted, Google+ is unlikely to unseat Facebook in the social media hierarchy anytime soon, but used the right way, it can constitute an important tool in leveraging your business’ internet presence and search rankings.

Do you use Google+? Have any tips & tricks to share? Feel free to +1 us and add us to a circle!

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