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kloutKlout was introduced in 2008 as a means of determining how much of a ‘reach’ a particular user had on social media. Use of the website was rewarded with ‘perks’ (i.e. offers for free products and/or services).

We began using Klout here at Image Direct last year as a measure of how effective we were across the likes of Twitter and Facebook. After reworking our approaches on both fronts, we found our Klout score gradually rising, demonstrating our engagement with other users was on the improve.

More recently, though, Klout has introduced a content curation system. Based on the topic keywords you enter, Klout will pull up various links that are (as the saying goes) relevant to your interests, with the idea that you will likewise share these links on your social media of choice. Its system is excellent, providing a diverse range of content which we make a point of sharing, especially when it’s expected our customers will get something out of it.

We recommend using Klout as a one-stop shop for your social media; as a metric of how popular you are (or can be) on Facebook/Twitter/et al, and as a means of finding excellent content to share, it can only do wonders for your online presence and reputation.

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