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When I finally entered the world of the smartphone user, replete with an app or several, it seemed that I had finally got a life. I could Instagram stuff to my heart’s content, and share those pictures on Twitter and Facebook. I could rank movies on IMDb’s own app, blog on Tumblr, fave stuff on Pinterest, and watch stuff on YouTube. I could even ‘check in’ via Foursquare if the mood took

Does the act of simply pushing stuff out into the ether actually constitute having a life, though? Well, that’s where the new flavour of ‘life logging’ apps come in; one – Saga – charts your present, whilst Timehop gives you an opportunity to reflect on the past.

Timehop integrates with your various social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram et al) and, once a day, notifies you of what happened from a year ago up to five years ago. It may take a little time to index your accounts (especially if you’ve been on Twitter awhile like I have), but this can be sped up by downloading your Twitter archive and then uploading same through Timehop’s website; additionally, only public Facebook posts are accessible by Timehop. It can be quite revelatory to discover what you were doing several years ago; in one eerie instance, I’d retweeted someone who’d sadly passed away in the years since. As a once-a-day reality check, I intend to keeping using Timehop for a while yet.

Conversely, Saga records your daily goings on, via integrating with Twitter, Instagram & Foursquare (among others). However, you have to be somewhat more proactive; you need to confirm locations (via turning your phone’s GPS on), and its findings may not always be wholly correct. This is for users who are in for the long haul, however, and not the passive user looking for a quick blast of Candy Crush Saga on the ride home; eventually, the app promises a profile of your activities and travels. You have to have the presence of mind to confirm your daily events in-app, though – which may not always be easy!

Recent wisdom was of the mind that “there’s an app for everything” – however, it seems that apps now constitute the stuff of life itself!

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