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In its infinite wisdom, Wikipedia defines analytics as “the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.” Which, admittedly, is poetic in its way, but of no use until one realises that this is how we discover who’s looking at any given website.

analyticsI had to teach myself how to use Google Analytics when I started running two Tumblr blogs side-by-side: my personal one, and one that dealt specifically with comic books. Being a humble sort, I honestly thought that no-one was really looking at my blogs, but that turned out not to be the case, which Analytics bore out. I was able to see how people were finding my blog, and with what search terms; once I knew which posts of mine were the most popular, I was able to tailor my blog content to what my subscribers liked.

Being able to respond to how people find your website is paramount in internet marketing, and using Analytics over a period of time gives an user a immense amount of data to work with. Granted, it can be overwhelming, but using the Dashboard facility within Analytics can give you what you need to know about your website’s performance at a glance (indeed, we prepare reports for many of our clients on a regular basis using the Dashboard tools). Coupled with Webmaster Tools, Analytics can be an immense source of knowledge, providing ongoing feedback as to how your site is faring out there on the web. Image Direct uses Analytics in every website it builds (including our own), and we can’t recommend it enough.

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