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Apple is going to release their latest operating system iOS 6 this Autumn, and as anticipated they will be providing a native media file upload facility for mobile Safari. This is a major feature which was lacking in previous iOS versions. This will make Apples range of mobile devices all the more compatible with a… Read more »

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Fe fi fo fum, I smell the blood of web developers! Let’s face it – Running a webhosting environment can be a giant of a job. And many a “Jack” web developer has been sold cheap beans at a premium. Well, grind your bones no more! Sow those beans and grow your web presence overnight… Read more »

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I have a young friend who would rather endure a three hour round trip to Melbourne to do some enthusiastic and hurried shopping, than puzzle her way through the series of endless forms and buttons that passes for an “online checkout” today. I don’t find her actions too surprising, and I don’t believe that she… Read more »