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Crafting a Google AdWords campaign requires you to be as concise as a tweet and as convincing as a street-corner spruiker. You have to get across what you’re trying to sell in as narrow a window as possible, or your potential customer will click on a competitor, thus losing an opportunity. Fortunately, the beauty of… Read more »

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Penning polished copy for various websites is a mix of skill, inspiration and craft. More often than not, you have to bring a human angle to an impersonal-sounding product, but telling a personal tale is but one facet of copywriting, and is of no use if you don’t have the fundamentals down pat. All too… Read more »

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Klout was introduced in 2008 as a means of determining how much of a ‘reach’ a particular user had on social media. Use of the website was rewarded with ‘perks’ (i.e. offers for free products and/or services). We began using Klout here at Image Direct last year as a measure of how effective we were… Read more »