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I suppose it didn’t help matters that, while waiting for the first game of laser tag to start, I thought back to when I watched Brian de Palma’s Scarface a couple of weekends ago and the immortal line uttered by Al Pacino’s Tony Montana: “Say hello to my little friend!” The irony being, the actual gun used in the game was bigger to handle than I expected…

At the invitation of Park Lane Holiday Parks, the Image Direct team spent last Monday afternoon testing out some of their new equipment, largely as a ‘thank you’ for the work we’d carried out for them recently; it was also a good opportunity for a team-building exercise. While it was unfortunate that company manager Jim Radford couldn’t attend, the rest of the team soldiered on in his absence and traveled down the highway to the Traralgon park for some fun and games.

The first thing that greeted the team upon arrival was the immense sight of their new Aerial Adventure Ropes Course, complete with zipline (or, if you prefer, ‘flying fox’). A couple of hardy souls among our team volunteered to try the course out, namely our print manager Adam and IT guru Andrew. Despite a few nail-biting moments among those of us still watching from ground level, both made the course intact and glided (semi-)gracefully to earth on the zipline. Both Adam and Andrew declared the course to be fun, but the remainder of us could be forgiven for not wanting to give it a go…

team-building exercise
team-building exercise

Once inside, the team turned our collective attention towards the much-anticipated rounds of laser tag. In order to play, those participating are made to wear a headband, which contains the infrared receivers that register ‘hits’ made by others via their attached guns. Our first game – a bracing round of ‘capture the flag’ – saw the Image Direct team run around the structure like little boys, zapping each other as much as time and opportunity allowed. Guess who racked up the second-most amount of points? (Hint: it was your humble blogger.)

Next came the more involved variation ‘Zombie’, which involved yours truly and studio designer Gabriel being the designated undead of the game. As we had twice as much hit points compared to the rest of the Image Direct team, the race was on to take us both out before we could convert the others to brain-eaters like ourselves. Somehow, despite taking a substantial amount of hits, I lasted the length of the game.

Lastly was a round of ‘Mercenaries’; this saw the Image Direct boys take on some of the Park Lane staff in a free-for-all, with the added incentive of two designated players (one being our sales manager Adrian) being mercenaries, complete with ‘machine guns’. Of the games played that afternoon, the general consensus was that this was the most enjoyable; by the end, we were tired, sweaty and puffed out, but it was clear that we had fun. The session was rounded out by a chicken-and-salad dinner provided by Park Lane, which was delicious indeed and put the topper on what was an enjoyable bonding session amongst the Image Direct team. We went back into town, laughing and joking amongst ourselves, our collective bond that much stronger.

(And yes, I did quote Tony Montana a time or two whilst playing laser tag that afternoon. When else would I get the chance again?)

Image Direct would like to thank Park Lane Holiday Parks for having us on site to enjoy their facilities. Much appreciated!

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