Business Cards

$99 gets you 250 high quality, locally designed and produced business cards

Do I still need business cards in 2024?

Short answer is YES.  Have you ever been in a situation when someone asks you for a business card and you don’t have one?

You made the effort but they didn’t

How about showing up somewhere for a meeting or to do a quote and no one is there? Leave a business card and they can see YOU made it. Where were they?

Face-to-face counts and so does giving something tangible

Even in a day and age where introductions are made online via social media and the like, nothing says class and distinction like a professionally-produced business card. People still interact and network face-to-face, and having a calling card at the ready is a surefire way to make an impression.

It’s an extension of your brand

Image Direct takes point of pride in its printed product, and indeed, one of our own calling cards is the humble (yet effective) business card. Read more about our graphic design services here

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    Do I still need business cards in 2023?

    More so now than ever before. Why? In a World of everything online, the humble business card makes the intangible, tangible. It puts your details and brand physically into the hands of potential customers.