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Wordpress Websites Traralgon

The World’s most popular website engine:

Why do I need a WordPress Website in Traralgon?

  • Your Traralgon business needs a website now more than ever before. Why?
  • It’s the number one thing a customer looks for before considering your business.
  • Most of your competitors are already set up with a website or are well on their way to getting one sorted. Yep there are still businesses out there in the Valley without one.
  • Customers EXPECT you to have one.

Need more convincing? Check out this article for 10 more reasons.

Why should it be a WordPress website?

  • They’re dead easy to use
  • Easy to design and update
  • Are the World’s most popular website engine
  • Very easy to extend functionality such as selling online.

A wordpress website built by Image Direct is owned outright by YOU. Not like those others where if you forget to pay your monthly bill it gets deleted.

Some Traralgon websites we have built for our very happy customers:

The following are a few of our favourite projects we have completed out of a total of 400+ websites to date. Our websites are self-managed and built with the World’s most popular website engine, WordPress.

Moving to the Traralgon area with a new business?

Traralgon is a city located in the east of the Latrobe Valley in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. It is the largest and fastest growing city in the greater Latrobe Valley urban area, which has a population of more than 75,000 and is administered by the City of Latrobe.

Where did the name ‘Traralgon’ come from?

The origin of the name Traralgon is uncertain. It is popularly believed to be derived from the Kurnai language: tarra meaning “river” and algon meaning “little fish”. However, these words are not reflected in modern linguists’ knowledge of the Kurnai language, where, for example, the word for river is wun wun or wurn wurn.

[Adapted from Wikipedia]

What is the best website engine for a Traralgon business website?

WordPress. It’s the World’s most popular. Image Direct are WordPress gurus come into our studios in Seymour Street for a coffee and chat and we’ll get you sorted for growing your business in 2024Image Direct