Search Engine Optimisation Latrobe Valley – Traralgon, Moe, Morwell, Sale City, Churchill, Trafalgar

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the science of getting a website found on the Internet. All of the websites we design are built for Search Engine Optimisation in the Latrobe Valley and beyond. In fact, we monitor our clients’ website ranking performance throughout the entire world. One of the tools we use for this is Alexa. It’s accurate, independent of Google and most importantly, free.

How to Maximise Search Engine Optimisation?

Note that it is optimisation; it is not a case of do this and I will be ‘guaranteed’ to be at the top. The really cool thing regarding the Latrobe Valley and surrounding areas though, is that not a lot of people have embraced this side of owning a website, so there is a lot of opportunity for you to get in first and exploit the market. However, you must start with a correctly built website, and unfortunately there are a lot of businesses in Gippsland whose website coding is not up to scratch. The cruel reality of the internet is such that you may have one of these ‘dodgy’ websites and not know until it’s too late. Why? Because you were at the top of Google in Gippsland as there was no other competitor up against you, but then one day, your competitor launched a website which does tick all the boxes for a properly coded website and all of a sudden, yours is nowhere to be found.

So once you have a properly built website, then it’s a case of planning your keyword strategies, and basing these on the ‘themes’ or areas of your business which can equate roughly to market segments.

We advise you not to worry about this too much, though, as we have literally done this hundreds of times, and are here to hold your hand through the process.

Did You Know Google has 96% of the Search Market in Australia?

This actually makes things a little easier for us in the Land Down Under. SEO is the science of getting found on the Internet, it is not the ‘Art’ of getting found. Do not get duped by Graphic Designers and uninformed Web Developers into paying thousands for an awesome looking website that amounts to no more than that – an awesome looking website. In order to get found on Google, you have to do what Google says. We are Certified Google Partners and we install Google Analytics on every website we build; we have done so for the past 5 years. This a free resource from Google which allows you to test and measure information on your website, and record your customers’ behaviour as they move through your website. We also install Google Search Console which gives a short cut to talk to the Google search engine on specific issues with your website.

How do I know if my Website is Making Money for me?

Google Analytics is the tool you need. Click here to read more.