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Why do I need a website if my business is in Moe?

If you have a business in the Moe/Newborough area it’s CRITICAL that you have a website AND it needs to get found on Google. There are 75,000 people living in the Valley and you need to access all of this market not to mention customers from throughout Gippsland and further afield.

How can Image Direct help me grow my business in Moe?

We have been in Traralgon for 17 years and we know the Valley very well.  We do the whole job here on our premises. We understand how the Valley ticks.

How did Moe get its name?

Moe was originally known as The Mowie, then Little Moi. The town’s name is believed to derive from a Kurnai (local Indigenous) word meaning ‘swamp land’. The city has locally produced Aboriginal/Koorie art and is regularly home to local Australian Football & Netball Finals in the Gippsland League Football & Netball League and the Mid Gippsland Football League. Moe is home to the annual Moe Cup horse races and the Moe Jazz Festival. The region is represented by Gippsland Power in the TAC Cup competition. [Adapted from Wikipedia]

My business is in Moe and I need a new website for 2022?

Come in for a coffee and chat and we’ll discuss your options with you. Get it right and you’ll see more customers coming your way. Get it wrong and you’ll burn up a lot of money and time. Get it right the first time. Call now 5174 0576