Annual ReportsProducing annual reports for our various clients is typically a labour-intensive process but oftentimes rewarding as a document of clients successes in a given year. Usually the client (or a representative thereof) will approach us to design and produce a report to distribute among their organisation. Given that a standard annual report will document certain financial details, this will need to be verified by several of the clients staff, both at the pre-press and printing stages. Documents, photos, copy et al is usually provided by the client on portable media (i.e. a memory stick), which is then incorporated into a layout developed by our design team.

Once the layout is approved by the client, along with meeting certain print demands requested by said client, a print run is agreed on and moved into production by our print manager. Once produced, the print run is then collected by the client and the annual report is distributed within the organisation where needed. Usually, an annual report isn’t meant for public view, but as a calling card of our high-end production standards, Image Direct approaches the creation of a clients annual report with the same exacting attention-to-detail as any other of our print products. Contact us or call into our office to see examples of what we can do for you in this regard.