3 years ago, I met a Professional Counsellor at a business networking group I am a member of. Garry had a website supplied by a telecommunications company at the time and was locked into a contract with them.

The telecommunications company had the wrong web address on his display advert and the wrong phone number in the adverts which were coming up on Google Searches.

Despite being built with the WordPress engine, his website was not built properly.

The meta data on his website was not feeding through to Google Searches results in the way they should have and his website was not ‘themed’.

Set Up Your Website Around Themes!

What do I mean by ‘theming’? Simple, do the following:

  1. We sat down with him and worked out 5 areas of his business he wanted to ‘market online.’
  2. Then we researched keywords related to each ‘area’.
  3. We built a page on his website for each ‘area’ or ‘theme’.
  4. Finally we set up a Google Adwords Campaign based on these ‘themes’.

His Business Turnover has Doubled and he is Very Happy with the Results

Over time, we have been able to reduce the ‘themes’ of his business to two main areas and what started out at $23.97 per click has reduced to a low of $1.93 with a current cost-per-click of $4.23.

The Secret to a Great Return on Investment for Google Adwords

Make sure the underlying website is 100% Google Ready and built Properly. We are a Google Partner as well as a web developer so we knew what we were doing with Garry’s website, the meta data within it and most importantly, how each page impacted Quality Scores in his Google Adwords. A 10/10 Quality Score equals cost effective Google Adwords.

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