Hi there, you have most likely landed on this page to get more information on what that ‘Monthly Fee’ is all about. Some of our documentation also refer to it as a ‘Retainer’.

So what is it?

Put simply, it is a fee we charge you each month to keep your website running smoothly.

Specifically, it covers the following:

The monthly fee list:

  • Hosting of your website if you choose to host with us. 98% of all our website clients chose to host with us. Why? We maintain a low contention ratio for our hosting that aims to provide high performance and user-engagement when compared with the most common commodity shared hosting plans that we see offered in the marketplace.
  • The PHP memory limits for our hosting is 512 MB – This ensures your site will function well under increased load and/or site complexity.
  • We provide for up to 5 subdomains and unlimited alias domains are allowed.
  • Email hosting (Australian Based). Set up and hosting of your email OR routing your email to your current provider as well as various requests around email hosting e.g I can’t connect email to my new iPhone; can you send me instructions on how to do that? OR ‘please set up a new email address for xyz person and send through the new credentials’.
  • Help, I’m stuck ‘Fair support policy’. We never charge for a 5 minute ‘help I’m stuck’ phone call in the first 6 months. In reality, this ends up being for the life of the website while it is under our monthly maintenance fee. 5 minute fixes are never charged for but if we were to get 5 phone calls in one day for the same fix, we would suggest a paid training session at your convenience.
  • Essential security updates. Essential is the keyword here. Our technical team will only proceed with updates that have been given the all clear by WordPress, Google and other reference authorities such as W3.
  • Maintenance of your Google Analytics account.
  • Maintenance of your Google My Business listing if you choose to have one.
  • Google Tag Manager: Maintaining and upgrading when and where needed.
  • Monitoring of site reachability and checks for expected content.
  • Early resolution of minor web app errors that trigger our monitoring systems, e.g. due to code updates or deprecation. This is done on an event-basis, and is typically invisible to the client.
  • Auditing and early patching of known plugin/core vulnerabilities as they are publicly revealed (before they become actively mass-exploited against web apps).
  • Point-in-time rolling backups to secured cold storage for a period of at least 45 days.
  • Regular signature-based malware scans against the web app filesystem.
  • Browser Compatibility. We build websites to be compatible with the current version (as of web build finish date) of Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari less one version. The monthly maintenance fee ensures this continues over the life of the website.
  • Lastly: It’s really, really, really important to point out that if you choose NOT to host with us it means two very important things:
  • One: We will need to check the hosting where your website will be living PRIOR to starting your website project and there could be a slight chance we can’t build and install there.
  • Two: It does not change our monthly fee.